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WHY 2017

It is almost five years since we’ve begun our journey to explore Haïti, share her wondrous history and culture with the rest of the world.  To celebrate, we have sum various places we’ve felt convey this vast knowledge.  Our regular August tour, the Christophienne Tour, will be suspended in 2017 to bring you the Discover Haïti Tour. This will be an intense, fast-pace travel with strangers, soon to be friends.  You will experience Haïti’s rich history, unique culture, and its natural mountainous beauty.  We aim to amaze you and hope that you leave with a well understood knowledge of why our souls are tied to this unique country.  Join us as we Discover the Wonder of this Majestic Land.


  • History, nature enthusiast, and lover of learning about Haïti’s culture and its people.
  • This tour will be intense and busy, spending one or two nights in each location.
  • Moderately difficult excursions daily, mostly hiking and walking.
  • Individuals who wants to remove the hassle of booking their own accommodations, restaurants, entertainments, and excursions.
  • Welcome the adventure of traveling within a group by bus and/or charter flights.
  • Not recommended for children younger than 13 years old.



Camp-Perrin  is a commune created in the 18th century in Les Cayes which has one of the most breathtaking waterfall, Saut Mathurine.  Not too far is Camp Gerard, the site where Dessalines and Geffrard met on the 5th and 6th of July, 1803 to consolidate a national unity for the war of Haïti’s independence.


Discover Cap-Haïtien this summer with its colonial architecture and narrow streets. Its numerous points of interest virtually all dating back to historical periods. Streets parallel to the sea letter A-Q, streets running perpendicular numbered 1-24. In 1995, historical downtown of Cap-Haïtien was classified as a National Heritage List of the Americas and The Caribbean & National Heritage Tourist Corridor of Cap-Haïtien.


Croix-des-Bouquets founded in 1749 has a legacy of slave insurgents,  rebels, and affranchis such as Yacinthe, and Pierre Pinchinat.  Today, Croix-des-Bouquets is the location of the famous Noailles Village.  Truly a metal art center, wherever you look, in the over 50 workshops in the village the vibrant Haitian culture shines through in all the pieces. You might be able to find some of these artworks in different parts of Haïti, they are simply a drop in the bucket of our vast culture captured forever in metal.


Jacmel, originally known as Yaquimel during Taino rule under Cacique Bohechio, is one of Haïti’s 1st colonial cities since 1698.  After the great fire of 1896, the wealthy imported pre-fabricated structures from Europe. Different types of houses made of brick and wood still left today with one commonality that identify Jacmel, their great galleries.  It is also well known for the famous Bassin Bleu and its annual carnival that draw thousands within and outside Haïti.  Historically, it served as temporary refuge for international revolutionary leaders, inspired by Haïti’s independence such as Francisco Miranda of Venezuela in 1806 and Simón Bolivar in 1816.


An island off the coast of Les Cayes and 30-minutes from the mainland is a paradise consisting of numerous beaches , unpaved roads, and no cars as means of transportation. Filibusters, buccaneers, and the likes set sail and hid within her coast such as the famous Captain Henry Morgan, who once assembled his crew of buccaneers in Île-à-Vache to raid the rich Spanish settlement of Cartagena.



Les Cayes, often referred to as Aux Cayes, is part of the southern department administration head for communes such as Camp-Perrin and Île-à-Vache.  Les Cayes is known for its coastal responsibility to the region, and its supply of the majority of the world’s Vetivèr used for perfumes.  Its historical importance cannot be diminished; from Simón Bolivar setting sail for Venezuela furnished with arms and men from Petion to liberate Venezuela as well as its historical sites of Fort des Oliviers & Fort Saint-Louis in Saint-Louis du Sud.


The challenge is real in Côteaux!  Home to 500-Marches on the mountain of Gôave where devotees and curious seekers challenge themselves to successfully climb the steps to a breathtaking view, while others take the opportunity to meditate and worship.


It is said, Jean-Jacques Dessalines “judged it necessary to walk bare footed on the territory until the earth gave him the indication of where he should place the capital of the country; where it will be considered the womb of the new nation.”   Marchand  Dessalines was identified as the first capital of the free ‘Hayti”, and later the imperial capital of the Empire of ‘Hayti’.  It is situated on the ancient plantation of the slave owner by the name of Marchand.  After the ordinance of 1804, 6-forts were built approximately on a north/south orientation, supervised by Dessalines himself.  All the forts in Marchand-Dessalines, except for Fort Culbuté aka Fort La Source, are located on top of the surrounding mountains forming a fortified boundary that protects the town and overlook the highest part of the L’Artibonite Valley.


Milot is where the builder King Henry Christophe I chose to build the majestic Sans Souci Palace, and the Citadelle Henry found a few miles atop the Laferrière mountain.  Citadelle Henry is the largest fortress found in the Americas and also the largest collection of 19th century artillery anywhere on earth.  A few miles away is Les Sites Fortifiés des Ramiers, on the Ramiers mountain, to protect the Citadelle from any foreign invasion. These sites are recognized by UNESCO and known as Haïti’s National Historic Park.


Coastal area of the Arcadins, in the Artibonite region, popular for its beautiful beaches, numerous resorts, and activities such as fishing and sailing.  One of its popular attraction is the  Ogier-Fombrun Museum at Moulin sur Mer which includes original structures of the 18th century sugarcane plantation.  The museum exhibits the history of post-independent Haïti and artifacts dated as far back as the colonial period.


Port-au-Prince, capital of the Republic of Haïti was founded in 1749 today bustling with its gingerbread houses, city life, museums, art, culture, there is much to see and visit.  It embodies the spirits and legacies of the founding fathers of this nation from their victories and tragedies.  Port-au-Prince is slowly getting its footing after the devastating earthquake of 2010.


Grotte Marie-Jeanne, a three level cave system carved out by water, is located in Port-à-Piment.  To date, it is one of the largest cave system in Haïti and the Caribbean.  Taíno carvings and artifacts were discovered in the 30-plus chambers.  This is a place that will amaze you with its natural and untouched beauty.


Tour Inclusions:

  • Accommodations, including hotel taxes & fees
  • All meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)*
  • Transfers from & to airports on day of arrival and departure
  • All transportations throughout the 10-days including:
    • Boat transfers for beach excursion
    • Horse rental
    • A/C bus transfers
    • Charter flights (if applicable)
  • All excursions & entrance fees to museums & visiting sights
  • Nighttime entertainments
  • Regional guided services & tour staff
  • English translator
  • Haiti Air Ambulance insurance

*Except for day of arrival (D only) & departure (B only):

B=Breakfast; L=Lunch; D=Dinner

Tour Exclusions:

    • Round-Trip airfare
    • Airport tax
    • Personal travel insurance
    • Alcoholic beverages
    • Personal expenses
    • Tips to guides, drivers, and hotel personnels at your discretion
    • Any other expenses not listed under inclusions

*** Tour availability is on a first-come, first-served basis. Tour max is 30 people.


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