About Us

W H A T * W E * D O

ave you ever long to experience a country that will touch your soul and inspire you?  Make you want to experience its unique culture and heritage? Have you longed for an adventure that you’ve read about but has been difficult to obtain?
It is oftentimes difficult to grasp the richness and uniqueness of Haïti.  This beautiful country is more than sun, beaches, and fun.  It is without a doubt a unique country where different worlds collide to make an unforgettable and magical collage.  Our mission as an historical cultural adventure travel & tour company is to give our guests an unforgettable experience with our well trained professional, knowledgeable, and experience tour guides and make it possible to see a Haïti you never thought existed.  From its UNESCO world’s heritage sites, Kompa music, palm trees, gingerbread houses and unique artworks Haïti is indeed a jewel and one of a kind in the Caribbean.

With Belle Vue Tours, you will safely travel and explore remote and exotic areas where you should expect the unexpected. You’ll experience our culture, arts, and lifestyle of its people.  You will have the opportunity to experience its untouched geographical landscape, religion, and other elements that helped shape its unique history.  You will visit its historic places, monuments that are preserved for future generations.

Whatever you desire during your travel: adventure, history, culture, and fun; Belle Vue Tours invite you to come with us to this Majestic Land, to Experience What You’ve Seen From Afar.

W H O * W E * A R E

elle Vue Tours is a premier historical cultural adventure travel & tour company which specializes in showcasing several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and Haïti’s natural landscape.  Our mission is to provide you with a first row seat to Haïti and its breathtaking history while providing you with an authentic experience.  Allow us to assist you in unearthing the treasures that lie within this unforgettable Caribbean nation.
Belle Vue Tours will serve as your personal guide to help you navigate the countryside’s mountainous regions, see the birthplace of many of its folkloric traditions and touch timeless monuments which stand witness to a people’s spirit and their historical struggle for independence.  Our staff will focus on your comfort and security while providing you with superior customer service.  Rest assured that when you travel with Belle Vue Tours you’re among friends and you will have the experience of a lifetime.